La Guia De Estudiantes Para Elegir Una Escuela

Elegir un campo de estudio importante puede ser una decisión difícil, y se recomienda a los estudiantes universitarios de hoy que analicen varios factores antes de elegir un área de enfoque para un programa de grado de cuatro años. Si ya vas a salir de la preparatoria y no sabes que estudiar puedes buscar en las opciones que tiene alguna universidad en Tijuana.

Las principales consideraciones importantes incluyen el costo general del programa, las expectativas salariales, las tasas de empleo para los empleados en el campo y las oportunidades de títulos avanzados. En última instancia, los estudiantes deben decidir qué campo ofrecerá el mejor retorno de la inversión para su educación postsecundaria.

Esta guía completa utiliza los resultados medidos de los estudiantes, las estadísticas del mercado laboral y otros datos de educación superior para explorar los diversos beneficios e inconvenientes de los temas principales de pregrado más populares de la nación. Nuestro objetivo es proporcionar un recurso útil para los estudiantes que no están seguros de cuál es la mejor opción financiera, profesional y personal para ellos.

Aproximadamente la mitad de todos los estudiantes universitarios ingresan a la universidad indecisos acerca de su especialidad. Además, tanto como el 70% cambiará su especialización al menos una vez durante el curso de su programa de grado de cuatro años; la mayoría de estos estudiantes cambian su especialidad al menos tres veces.

A muchos estudiantes les preocupa que cambiar su especialidad demore la graduación y, como resultado, aumente significativamente sus costos generales de matrícula. Cambiar campos importantes tuvo un “impacto mínimo” en los tiempos de graduación planificados. Además, los datos mostraron que los estudiantes a tiempo completo que cambiaron de carrera al menos una vez informaron tasas de graduación más altas que aquellos que permanecieron en el mismo campo para todo su programa de licenciatura.

Mayores Populares
Los estudiantes suelen asistir a su especialización en función de los factores relacionados con la carrera en las tasas de empleo de disponibilidad de empleo en su campo propuesto.

Metas profesionales
Cada estudiante usa un conjunto diferente de criterios para determinar su campo principal de estudio. Las preguntas frecuentes a continuación explorarán diferentes áreas principales en términos de objetivos profesionales a largo y corto plazo.

Cada camino profesional será único en lo que respecta a estas tres prioridades. Los estudiantes primero deben determinar cuál de estas prioridades es la más importante y luego explorar carreras que reflejen sus objetivos.

Myths You Should Stop Believing From Down Syndrome

We have come a long way since people with mental, physical or cognitive complications were institutionalized and discriminated against in our society. Things have changed drastically since then, but there are still many myths that people continue to believe. It is very well known that children with Down syndrome have more delicate teeth than other children and that is why they need even more special attention, so it is better to go with Dental Integral is the dentist in Tijuana.

They can not have a successful career: Really? It does not have much that the Australian model Madeline Stuart starred in a photo shoot for brides. At age 19, Madeline has walked the runway at New York Fashion Week twice and has even been nominated for the Austrian of the Year this 2016. She is also the first (and so far only) professional model with down syndrome . And Madeline is not the only one, there are many characters with this condition that stand out in areas such as sports, arts, acting and practically in every industry.
They have a severe cognitive disability: Although a cognitive disability is common in people with down syndrome, for the majority it is not severe. The most common problems are: attention deficit, poor judgment, impulsive behavior, slow learning and language complications. These problems are not severe, except in small cases. Yes, they take a little longer than usual to learn the language, but that does not mean they can not do it.
They can not have romantic relationships: Just because people are different or live differently does not mean they do not want or deserve love and intimacy. People with this syndrome fall in love, get married, have children, live in the same way as others … if that’s what they want.
It is caused by the age of the mother: Down syndrome is the cause of an extra chromosome in the baby’s DNA. The age of the mother may increase this risk, but it is not the only reason behind it. In fact, 80% of babies with this syndrome have been born with mothers under 35 years of age.
It is an affliction: It is not an affliction, neither for the individual nor for the family. Moreover, studies have shown that divorce rates are lower with children who have Down syndrome, since they consider them a blessing. And obviously they will face their difficulties, but their lives will have no less value than those of others.
They will not live after 40: In 1893, the mortality of someone with down syndrome did not exceed 25 years. Due to health complications associated with this condition, the health sector has taken drastic measures to create a difference. More than 50% of people with this syndrome are born with heart defects and other physical complications. Despite this, most can find treatments on time. Currently, people with down syndrome can live more than 60 years.
That defines them: People with physical disabilities are not defined by that aspect of their lives. Many do not understand, of course, but labels, as well as stereotypes, are to disappear if we stop believing in them.

Study in Canada: The Golden Opportunity.

Canada furnishes you with a brilliant chance to study in a protected and well-disposed condition which won’t just empower you to get an internationally perceived capability at significantly less educational cost expense yet will likewise enable you to get profitable work involvement. In addition games and scholastic grants are additionally accessible for outside understudies at undergrad levels.

Your dependants can likewise go with you to Canada on a visit visa with a chance to get a work to allow and secure a vocation. Your youngsters can likewise go with you, if more seasoned than 5 years then they should be enrolled in a Canadian school, providing you with a perfect chance to get first-rate training for yourself as well as for your kids.

To have the capacity to study in Canada you will require a study allow except if you intend to complete a short course of under a half year for which you don’t require even a study allow. With a specific end goal to get a study to allow you first should be acknowledged by a Canadian institution, every Canadian province and domain have their own particular training frameworks. In the wake of choosing the proper school for yourself, you have to apply for affirmation. Once acknowledged you can take your letter of acknowledgment from the Canadian Institute to apply for a study allow at your nearby visa office, this allows will enable you to study in Canada. At the visa office, you should give them the original letter of acknowledgment, verification of your personality and evidence indicating that you have adequate assets to pay for your educational cost, living costs and return flight.

You or any relative traveling with you to Canada will likewise need a therapeutic examination and a security check. Once your application has been affirmed you will get a letter of introduction, this letter isn’t your study allow yet should be exhibited upon your entry into Canada to get your study to allow. You may likewise require a brief inhabitant visa to enter Canada. When you have touched base in Canada you should meet an officer from Canada Border Services Agency to whom you should give fundamental records so he or she can settle on the final choice in light of Canadian law whether to enable you to study in Canada or not.

While studying in Canada you can take a shot at grounds without needing a work allow yet the work allows enables you to not just work off grounds low maintenance during term yet additionally enables you to work all day during your get-aways. After the fruition of your instruction from a school or college, you can likewise apply for a Post-Graduation Work Permit Program which will give you the authorization to gain profitable work involvement in Canada for a term comparable to your study period however it can’t be over 3 years. For instance in the event that you have considered for a long time than you can get a multi-year work to allow and on the off chance that you have examined for 8 months you can get a work to allow for a time of 8 months. Canada Experience Class expresses that once you have moved on from a post-auxiliary program from a qualified Canadian institution and has multi-year work encounter you are qualified to apply for lasting residency.

There are such a significant number of sites online where you can visit and get all the pertinent information. You can get all the guideline of your documentation, application methodology, arrangements of the institutions and projects offered your visa procedure, application structures, archives and photo detail, the statutory revelation of custom-based law association and everything that you should do as such you can go for your fantasy of study in Canada.

Learn Spanish to Improve your Career Options

The world is changing rapidly. Additional organizations than ever before are doing business in a number of – typically dozens of – nations across the planet, though they cannot get it done without hiring globally minded individuals who could talk no less than one international language.

Even for small, local businesses, odds are that the capability to talk a new language will set you apart from other applicants. If you are interested in increasing you career opportunities, look into skype online spanish classes.

Do you work better in morning or night? If you opt for a distance program you can choose when to study according to your taste and the rest of your activities. Ideally, you should establish a routine to successfully reconcile work and classes.

The face-to-face courses require students to complete their assignments within a period of time, but those who choose online can do so when they consider it. They can even overtake them in order to take vacations when they want to or they can start training and decide when they want to take the tests.

Many people decide to dedicate themselves to housework until their children start school. Because of this, they momentarily leave their career. However, during this period of rest they can continue training so that when they resume their work, they are updated. In addition, this can be valued by your superior.

The difference of parenting according to socioeconomic status

In some countries you can differentiate children of high socioeconomic status because they have expensive technology at hand or simply because they have dental braces Tijuana but in reality the differences between social classes have a much deeper dimension, one that goes beyond the level socio-economic since it has been discovered that this difference also influences the intellectual capacity of people.

This is confirmed by significant differences in the daily experience of young children. One study found that young children of families with high economic status listen on average 35 million words more than young children who grow up in humble environments. In the research, 126 families were studied over four years, with the help of several students who spent an hour every 15 days with each of the different families and had to listen and measure the number of words the parents said to the children. As a result, data showed that children from families with more economic levels had heard an average of 48 million words, while children from families on the other end heard 13 million words. So this may imply that social strata influence about the linguistic development of the child.

This does not mean that parents with few recuersos were bad, in fact all parents acted correctly, but families with more purchasing power urged their young children much more to develop analytical skills, so that in their conversations a greater variety appeared of words. And on the contrary, parents with less economic status focus more on teaching values ??such as fitting into the group and obeying, so that the range of words was reduced to a more limited field. The problem of this point is the second conclusion of the study: the environment is not only an important piece for the language, it also affects the cognitive abilities, since they found great differences in the intellectual quotients of the children.

The Symbolic Place of Tijuana

One of the places where you should visit when you arrive in Tijuana, whether on vacation or if you simply come for a visit with your Oral Nova Dent dentist, is the Tijuana Cultural Center, it is an emblematic place in the city because in its Museum you can discover the history of Baja California in a way that makes you feel like you are there. In addition it is always full of life with different events that take place in the esplanade, the events that tend to take place encourage culture.

In these events you can taste the food and drinks of different regions of Mexico in one place, with cheerful music and a totally family atmosphere, in one of the safest areas of Tijuana so you do not have to worry at all, since They have their own parking lot which is cheap and very safe.

Cecut strengthens national identity on the Mexican border through exhibitions, conferences, dance activities, theater, popular and classical music concerts, as well as literature. Also, artistic production and human development with adequate cultural infrastructure and national and international events, which are cultural proposals for a city with a high population growth. The culture diffusion stay is in charge of the El Cubo galleries, a cinema, a museum, an aquarium, a theater, as well as the IMAX Dome, which has become a symbol and emblem of the city. Another objective is to promote tourism from the United States, through a wide cultural offer in the northern region of the country.

The Tijuana Cultural Center manages to attract the attention of all sectors of the population, and has reached an annual average of visitors exceeding one million 700 thousand, of which 400 thousand have been students of all types, from preschool to university. In the Mexico through culture cycle, the presentation of Enrique Florescano with the lecture “How to make a God in Mesoamerica”, the Ballet of Amalia Hernández and the works La Cage de las Locas and a Picasso stand out.

Cómo Escribir Un Libro Expres

Escribir un libro puede ser mucho más fácil de lo que la mayoría de la gente piensa.
Cómo escribir un libro rápido. Los libros cortos se venden mejor según las encuestas.
Entonces, si crees que tienes que escribir un gran libro de 400 páginas, ¡no es así! Su libro debe ser tan largo como sea necesario para contar completamente la historia (ficción) o ayudar al lector a resolver su problema (no ficción). Si no aseguras tu libro con derechos de autor en México tienes más probabilidades de que alguien robe tu idea.

Esto es lo que recomiendo para empezar a escribir su primer libro:

1) Cómo hacer una lluvia de ideas sobre tu libro en 15 minutos
Encierrate en una habitación. Sin teléfono, sin correo electrónico, sin interrupciones durante 15 minutos. Solo un bolígrafo y un cuaderno. Piensa en tantas ideas / temas / nichos de libros como puedas imaginar. Deberías tener al menos 20. Si piensas en otras ideas después en la ducha, simplemente agrégale a tu lista lo antes posible.

Escriba estas preguntas para estimular ideas:

¿Sobre qué temas me encantaría escribir?

¿Qué conocimiento tengo que pueda ayudar a la gente?

¿Qué sé ahora que desearía saber cuándo comencé con X (un negocio, relación, problema, lo que sea)?

¿Qué ideas tengo que se puedan vender bien?

Por qué: es importante obtener todas las ideas de su libro con anticipación. De lo contrario, a la mitad de un libro obtendrá una idea para otros 10 libros y podría distraerse. Despreocúpese con una gran idea por adelantado, no a la mitad.

2) Investigue y reciba comentarios
Descubra lo que sus potenciales lectores están buscando. Puede seguir nuestro proceso de investigación de mercado de libros para comprender mejor su mercado y cómo hacer que su libro se destaque de la competencia.

También debe preguntarles a sus amigos expertos en mercadotecnia y negocios cuáles de sus ideas suenan más comercializables. Si no tiene amigos expertos en mercadotecnia o negocios, sintonice nuestras entrevistas semanales de podcast con autores de éxito de ventas y trate de expandir su red de empresarios y personas creativas para que pueda obtener mejores comentarios sobre sus ideas.

Por qué: la retroalimentación es crucial. Los excelentes comentarios de las personas inteligentes pueden ayudarle a confirmar que realmente vale la pena seguir sus buenas ideas, y pueden ayudarle a elegir la mejor idea de libro para comenzar. La clave es comenzar. Una vez que obtenga el primer libro y se venda bien, estará tan emocionado que no querrá dejar de escribir libros.

3) Elija su mejor idea de libro
Basado en comentarios (10%) y su pasión / interés / inspiración (90%) decide qué libro escribir primero.

Por qué: Será mejor que te inspires para escribir tu libro y compartir tu historia. De lo contrario, necesitarás a alguien más para motivarte a terminarlo y comercializarlo. Los comentarios solo deben usarse para aclarar sus propios pensamientos e ideas y mejorarlos.

4) Planifica tu libro
Encierrate en una habitación de nuevo. Sin teléfono, sin correo electrónico, sin interrupciones durante 15 minutos. Piensa en tantas ideas que quieras compartir en el libro como puedas imaginar. Si luego piensas en otras ideas en la ducha, solo agrégale a tu lista lo antes posible.

Escriba estas preguntas para estimular ideas:

¿Cuáles son las cosas más importantes que alguien debería saber sobre este tema?

¿Qué desafíos tuve que resolví y cómo pueden convertirse en lecciones?

¿Qué sé ahora que me gustaría saber cuándo comencé con este tema?

¿Cuáles son los mayores errores que veo que las personas hacen en esta área?

Después, debe estar tan emocionado que no puede esperar para comenzar a escribir y / o hablar en una grabadora de voz (también es una buena opción en lugar de una entrevista o como una forma complementaria de registrar información para el libro). Uso la aplicación QuickVoice para mi iPhone cuando estoy en movimiento.

5) Escribe tu libro
Si va a escribirlo usted mismo, solo programe una hora al día para escribir temprano en la mañana o tarde en la noche cuando no haya distracciones. En una hora por día, puede escribir varios libros, dependiendo de su velocidad de escritura. No tienes una hora? Haz 30 minutos. No hay excusas.

Si no quiere escribirlo pero quiere un escritor fantasma y desea ser entrevistado, el primer paso es ser entrevistado o grabar la voz. Si ya tienes un buen entrevistador (amigo, familiar, colega), úsalos.

Exhibition of Classic Trucks

Some place in Mexico will be the scene of the trophy exhibition event “79` Truck; Ford Classic Team “, which will be held today Saturday and tomorrow with the participation of clubs from different parts of the state and El Paso, Texas. your visit has to be worth it, so take the opportunity to go to the dentist in Mexico.


The event that will bring us back to the time was presented yesterday at a press conference chaired by Narciso Torres and Antonio Medrano of Club 79` Truck.


Today at 12:00 noon there will be a parade of troca, which will begin at the Threshold of the Millennium to conclude at the Plaza de la Mexicanidad. Be prepared with your hat and boots because this will get crazy.


To start the activity on Sunday at 11:00 am, said Torres, who mentioned that clubs are expected Parral, Jiménez, Chihuahua, Cuauhtémoc, Namiquipa, Casas Grandes, El Paso, Texas and Ciudad Juarez hosts.


The organizers invited the general public to this event, which will be free and have Mexican music and snacks.


“It is the anniversary of the club and are promoting first of all friendship, we are inviting all clubs that have Ford within its ranks units and are inviting the general public, who will enjoy these trucks, especially those that come from other cities, “said Narciso Torres.


“We started on Saturday (today) with a parade at 12:00 on the Threshold of the Millennium, we will make the tour of the Pan American technology, to reach the Equis, where it will make display trocas of 2 : 00 at 8:00 at night and Sunday will be a meeting of vans from 11:00 and we will organize a farewell to the vans that come from outside, “he explained.


Among the competitions that will have this event, highlights the game of pulling the rope, where the Chihuahua team will seek to get the thorn before the border.


“There are several purposes, but the club celebrates one year, it is the fundamental thing, we are inviting people from other cities and we are helping the city with tourism, we are promoting different cultures, we are going to make games that already in other events we have made, we already bring a system of family coexistence, “he said.


“It’s the classic rope, last year we beat them, there were three clubs which were participating, Foringas Tarahumara Cuauhtémoc, Foringueros of Chihuahua and Juarez 79`Truck here and thank God we won in Chihuahua and come by the rematch and here we are going to give them, “he concluded.


Big Book Fair in Mexico

On April 15 will be held conferences, presentations, cultural activities and gastronomic tastings. your visit may also be to visit your dentist in Mexico.


82 years ago, along with an olive tree, on the road between Víznar and Alfacar (Granada), the Spanish poet Federico García Lorca was assassinated by the Francoist army. The unfortunate date not only marked one of the most tragic moments of the Spanish Civil War in the calendar: it also ended with one of the most important voices in literature. Years later, after Franco’s victory in 1939, thousands of Republicans like Lorca had to flee from Spain and found a new home in Mexican exile, a country that welcomed them with open arms. From this new life that began in Mexico, the community of forced emigrants created associations and institutions that ended up marking the course of the country’s recent history as El Colegio de México, the Ateneo or Fondo de Cultura Económica.


On the occasion of the 87th anniversary of the proclamation of the Second Republic, this Sunday the Spanish Athenaeum in Mexico will celebrate the VII Federico García Lorca Book Fair where lectures, presentations and cultural and gastronomic activities will take place from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. . During the day there will be a gathering with the families of three Republican pilots: Colonel Manuel López González, Captain José Bastida and Lt. Enrique Vilatela, who participated in the Civil War and ended up living in exile in Mexico.


In addition, homage will be paid to Mexican women muralists with the presentation of the book Eclipse of seven moons by Dina Comisarenco Mirkin that rescues the artistic work of the artists who participated in one of the most important cultural phenomena in Mexico.


With almost 70 years of history, the republican Athenaeum founded by figures such as Luis Buñuel, León Felipe, Francisco Giner de los Ríos or Niceto Alcalá Zamora is a synthesizing core of thought, an emblem of republican exile and a forum for the Latin American culture of the last century. Its large library, its events and activities have served as a meeting point for the knowledge and culture of both parts of the Atlantic.


Iniciar una librería en México

México tiene una fuerte y creciente industria de impresión y librería respaldada por una población que se está volviendo más educada y próspera. Aunque Internet y el advenimiento de los lectores electrónicos han transformado la industria de la impresión y el libro lo cual puede funcionar a tu favor si sabes cómo desenvolverte en los medios electrónicos, si vas a abrir una página de compra en linea es muy importante tener un buen diseño web en Tijuana. Todavía existe una buena oportunidad para comenzar y hacer crecer un exitoso negocio de librerías en México. En este artículo, analizamos el proceso para comenzar una librería en México.

Visión general de la industria

México tiene una industria de libros de impresión en crecimiento y vibrante.  La industria está principalmente organizada con pequeñas y grandes librerías que obtienen la mayor participación en el mercado. En los últimos años, el comercio electrónico, las cadenas de librerías y los lectores electrónicos han comenzado a hacer fuertes avances en este mercado al ofrecer una mayor selección de libros y disponibilidad instantánea.

Requisito de inversión

Una librería puede configurarse en India con una inversión mínima. Dos de las principales áreas donde se aplicará el capital son la infraestructura y el almacenamiento de libros. Se gasta en infraestructura como depósito de alquiler, interior, etc., mientras que se gasta en almacenar la librería con una amplia selección de libros. Por lo tanto, una tienda de libros se puede configurar en la India con una inversión de aproximadamente 500 mil pesos.

Registración de negocio

Los siguientes son registros y licencias que tal vez se requiera al iniciar y administrar una librería en México.

Registro del IVA

Es importante conocer las reglamentaciones estatales sobre el IVA antes de abrir una librería. Aunque el registro del IVA puede no ser necesario en la mayoría de los estados para la venta de libros, se recomienda que se obtenga el registro del IVA y que no se registre periódicamente la declaración del IVA para cumplir con los requisitos. Tener un registro de IVA permitirá a la librería vender fácilmente en línea a través de plataformas como Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, etc. u obtener una pasarela de pago para vender en línea.

Registro de marca

Las librerías que tienen nombres únicos o las que establecen una cadena de librerías pueden marcar el nombre de la librería. La marca registrada del nombre de la librería desde el principio puede ayudar a proteger la marca y establecer el escenario para la franquicia o la apertura de múltiples puntos de venta en el futuro.

7 mejores museos del mundo

La siguiente es la lista de los 10 mejores museos de todo el mundo. Muestran exhibiciones muy diferentes, pero todas tienen una cosa en común: ¡definitivamente todas valen la pena! La lista fue elegida por los muchachos muy bien informados en National Geographic. Los museos más modernos cuentan con energía solar en Tijuana.

Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C., Estados Unidos. El Smithsonian es el complejo de investigación y museo más grande del mundo: tiene 19 museos y galerías, el Parque Zoológico Nacional y varias estaciones de investigación. En total, más de 137 millones de objetos que detallan la historia de Estados Unidos se encuentran allí

El Louvre, París, Francia – El Louvre, originalmente una fortaleza medieval, se convirtió en un museo hace dos siglos. El exterior del museo es mundialmente famoso debido a la pirámide en la entrada principal que se agregó en 1989. Las colecciones del museo se encuentran entre las más importantes del mundo, pero la atracción más famosa es sin duda la “Mona Lisa” de Leonardo da Vinci.

El Museo de la Acrópolis, Atenas, Grecia – El Museo de la Acrópolis es un museo arqueológico centrado en los hallazgos del sitio arqueológico de la Acrópolis de Atenas. El museo fue construido para albergar cada artefacto encontrado desde la Edad de Bronce griega hasta la Grecia romana y bizantina. También se encuentra en el sitio arqueológico de Makrygianni y las ruinas de una parte de la antigua Atenas bizantina y romana. La planta baja es de vidrio transparente que ofrece una caminata sobre una historia increíble con vistas a la excavación arqueológica de la Acrópolis.

State Hermitage, San Petersburgo, Rusia – Un museo de arte y cultura. Es uno de los museos más grandes y más antiguos del mundo. fue fundada en 1764 por Catalina la Grande y ha estado abierta al público desde 1852. Tiene más de tres millones de artículos, incluida la colección de pinturas más grande del mundo. Las colecciones ocupan un gran complejo de seis edificios históricos a lo largo de Palace Embankment, incluido el Palacio de Invierno, una antigua residencia de emperadores rusos.

The British Museum, Londres, Inglaterra – El museo más grande de Gran Bretaña. Se ocupa de la colección nacional de arqueología y etnografía. Tiene más de 8 millones de objetos de diferentes épocas

El Prado, Madrid, España – El principal museo de arte nacional español. Cuenta con una de las mejores colecciones de arte europeo del mundo, desde el siglo XII hasta principios del siglo XIX, basada en la antigua Colección Real Española, e indiscutiblemente la mejor colección individual de arte español.

Museo Metropolitano de Arte, Nueva York, Nueva York, Estados Unidos: también conocido como The Met, el Museo Metropolitano de Arte es el museo más grande del Hemisferio Occidental. Su colección de más de dos millones de artículos de todo el mundo y de todas las épocas es increíble. Solo por ejemplo: sus pinturas europeas incluyen obras de Botticelli, Rembrandt, Vermeer, Degas, Rodin y otros. La colección egipcia muestra la tumba de Perneb y el templo de Dendur


Cecut brings art to children of oncology at the General Hospital

The Tijuana Cultural Center (Cecut), Organism of the Ministry of Culture, will bring art to the pediatric oncology services of the General Hospital of Tijuana (HGT), through theater and mobile literature. The whole community believes that this is my good idea, even dentists in Tijuana.

The director of the Tijuana Cultural Center, said that children who are in oncology can enjoy culture and art through Bebeteca Móvil and a public reading session every Friday at 09:30 hours.

Both the patients of the General Hospital of Tijuana and the students of the Jurhenkure-lonspïpekua primary school will continue to experience an approach to literature and theater, respectively, through the Cecut program at other venues.

The children had a close relationship with art, inside or outside the classroom, they obtained significantly higher grades and had less risk of school failure than those who lacked that experience.

Painting, drawing, playing a musical instrument, modeling, singing … are basic activities for the biological, educational and emotional development of children. But they are also a spiritual need. Through them they learn to explore the environment that surrounds them, they become aware of themselves and of others. Your contribution can be grouped in the following areas:

He mentioned that on Tuesday, January 30, at 1:30 p.m., the infants patients of the General Hospital, through the Storytelling activity that they will perform especially for them, will travel through this literary genre.

On the other hand, Jurhenkure-lonspïpekua elementary students will continue their participation every Tuesday in the theater workshop with games and creativity

These events will be carried out with the aim of publicizing and promoting in children the basic principles of theatrical art through the composition of a dramatic text.

We made a list of all the positive things that artistic activities transmit to children

· Personal development: artistic activities provide opportunities to express one’s own creativity, to discover oneself; they boost self-esteem and the concept of oneself. Each work of art generates in the child who creates it the feeling of having achieved an achievement.
· Social development: it is strengthened as the child learns to cooperate in an artistic work done in a group. Children are aware of their personal contribution to collective work and also acquire the feeling of belonging to a group.
· Physical development: the smallest muscles, hand-eye coordination, laterality and sense of rhythm are developed thanks to the various forms of artistic expression.
· Language development: art is a form of expression that is not based on verbal ability, however, the language and vocabulary of children experience an enormous development as children talk about their work. In addition, the drawing contributes to the development of writing in the little ones.
· Cognitive development: the benefits of art are especially noticeable in areas such as symbolic representation, spatial relationships, numbers and quantities, series, classifications, etc.

A judge stopped the sale of Barbie Frida Kahlo in Mexico


The doll would be released on Friday. He already caused controversy considering that his stylized design did not correspond to the features of the famous Mexican painter. Take the opportunity to see one of his great works when you go to see your dentist in Mexico

A judge from Mexico City temporarily halted the sale of Barbie inspired by Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, considering that the companies that would launch it for sale, “Frida Kahlo Corporation” and Mattel, do not have the rights to use the image of the Mexican painter for the creation of a doll.

The judge decreed that the two companies must “refrain from using the trademark, image and work of the illustrious painter Frida Kahlo as a presentation in their businesses and commercial establishments”, without the authorization of the family.

The official account of Frida Kahlo, administered by the artist’s family, informed the sentence on Twitter.

We are about to safeguard the rights that the family has and that these people have kidnapped, “said the painter’s niece in an interview with the newspaper El Universal.

Last March, Mattel announced the launch of the doll as part of the line ‘Sheroes’, composed of 18 characters from 10 nationalities that have influenced today’s society.


The company said it had worked with “Frida Kahlo Corporation”, alleged “owner of all rights related to the name and identity of the painter for the creation of this doll.”

However, Mara de Anda Pinedo, great-granddaughter niece of the painter, clarified that Kahlo Corporation only had the right of the trademark of some categories, by or that filed the legal appeal.

Given the family’s arguments, the company clarified that Kahlo’s industrial and personal property rights were transferred to her by Isolda Pinedo Kahlo, the painter’s niece, which makes her the owner of all the rights related to the painter, what includes the name, concept, ideology and distinctive signs of the artist.


He insisted that the licensing, authorization, development, commercialization and protection of the products or services related to Kahlo belong to the company.

Hábitos de Coleccionistas de Arte Milenarios

Como la mayor generación de la fuerza de trabajo de EE. UU., Según el Wall Street Journal, y una generación de consumidores que están en camino de gastar $ 1.4 trillones anuales para 2020 y heredar $ 30 mil millones en los próximos años, según el New York Times, es no es de extrañar que las empresas estén atendiendo a los compradores del milenio.

Acuñado por los autores William Strauss y Neil Howe, el término se aplica a los nacidos entre 1980 y 2000 y que crecieron con computadoras y teléfonos inteligentes prácticamente en sus cunas.


Pero, ¿cómo consumen los mileniales en el mundo del arte? Aquí, echamos un vistazo a su estilo de vida y hábitos.

Los coleccionistas milenarios usan las redes sociales para estar en contacto con artistas y galerías.

Es difícil medir completamente cómo las redes sociales afectan las transacciones de ventas, pero es fácil darse cuenta de que las redes sociales se están utilizando para iniciar conversaciones. Schlencker dice: “Los del Milenio quieren una conexión directa. Muy a menudo, agregarán al artista y galerista en Facebook e Instagram “. Los mismos medios de comunicación que utilizan muchas páginas para darle publicidad a sus obras son muy importantes para darse a conocer cuando utilizas los medios digitales hay mucha competitividad por eso mejor utilizar posicionamiento web en Tijuana.


De manera similar, Michael Xufu Huang, coleccionista y cofundador del museo de Beijing M Woods, dijo a artnet News que usa Instagram para “promocionar su museo y mantenerse en contacto con artistas y galeristas”, pero nunca para comprar directamente desde la aplicación.

Los coleccionistas del milenio generalmente tienen menos acceso al capital que los coleccionistas más viejos.

Esta observación no es una sorpresa. Hay casos en que los coleccionistas continúan un linaje familiar de coleccionismo de arte (con dinero de la familia), pero seamos realistas. A pesar del revuelo sobre los multimillonarios de veintitantos años, no todos los jóvenes empresarios, banqueros y gurús de la tecnología se están enriqueciendo tan rápidamente. Pase a hacer una oferta en la venta de la tarde de Christie, hola al primer abierto de Christie.

La red de recolectores milenarios y la prisa.

“Networking” puede ser visto como una mala palabra, pero cualquiera le dirá, es una necesidad para cualquier carrera. Kenneth Schlenker, de la plataforma de arte en línea ArtList, dijo a artnet News por teléfono: “Los coleccionistas de mayor edad leen Artforum, tendrán asesores o colaborarán estrechamente con una o dos galerías. El joven coleccionista se está conectando con más personas y está siendo proactivo para tener acceso a las cosas por sí mismo, antes, antes de que se muestre en una galería. Tal vez en el estudio directamente. “Continúa,” Son más agresivos en esa área “.

Coleccionistas milenarios igualmente compran fuera de línea y en línea.

Con la proliferación de sitios de arte en línea, es fácil suponer que una generación más joven que creció con Internet estaría haciendo una transición total de fuera de línea a Internet, pero Tara Downs, directora de Tomorrow Gallery, dijo a artnet News: “Diría que el 50% de mi las ventas ocurren por alguien que ingresa a la galería. “Mientras intercambia imágenes por correo electrónico, dice,” muchos coleccionistas desean ver el trabajo en persona “.


La curadora y coleccionista independiente, Roya Sachs, dice: “Me encanta coleccionar en ferias de arte; hay una energía y un ritmo que es a la vez emocionante y emocionante, supongo que en ese sentido soy mucho más un coleccionista cara a cara tradicional “. Ella continúa,” ocasionalmente compraré en línea, en galerías, y a través de una subasta si Estoy buscando algo más específico “.




The Best Museums Of Natural Sciences

If you are one of the people who like to travel and visit museums around the world, you should take note of the following list prepared by experts that aims to compile the 10 best museums on environmental and nature issues. This type of museums increases tourism in the cities in which they are positioned. For example, when it was inaugurated in the wax museum in Tijuana, it attracted many tourists who took advantage of their visit to make an appointment with their Tijuana dentists and even do a bariatric surgery.

Would you spend hours visiting museums? If you are a tourist who always wants to know more about what surrounds you, it will be good to include in your tours the following museums around the world that address very interesting natural themes



It is located in London (United Kingdom) and it stands out for its variety of activities, for attending well to visitors and its permanent exhibition, according to the museologist, Soledad Gómez.



Located in New York, is one of the most famous and largest in the world. Javier Amentia, director of the Pamplona planetarium, said the site has “whales flying in the hall, exciting exhibitions, interactive, planetary, imax and a part of palaeontology great.”


The experts stand out from this museum located in Chicago (USA) its didactic character and variety. They claim that it covers archeology topics and explains very well the evolution of dinosaurs.



It is characterized as a center that invests in education and research and is located in Washington (USA).



It was the place where the author of the theory of evolution, Charles Darwin, lived, so that several vestiges of his experiments persist there. It is located in Downe (United Kingdom).



This Argentine museum located in El Calafate is known to be specialized in glaciers.


In a creative way, this museum located in Otawa (Canada) deals with topics related to botany, zoology, minerals and paleobiology. In addition, it has a space dedicated to research.



It is very small. It is located in Belgrade (Serbia) and is composed of two rooms that the visitor can see in its entirety simply by taking a 360 degree turn on himself.



This museum is in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and is known for his collection of fossils of Egyptian mammals and mummies.



Armentia argues that the museum center located in Paris (France) has many species in extinction and aims to be a place of critical disclosure.

A Museum of Latin American Art in Miami

3 years ago, within the framework of the art fair Art Basel-Miami Beach 2014, the design of the Latin American Art Museum (LAAM) was announced, which will soon be established in this city of beaches and buildings. Giving the importance that it deserves to Latin art makes that people want to get involved more with the countries where these works originate. Taking advantage of your visit to Mexico you can do a review of your teeth with a dentist in Tijuana


The design proposed by the architectural firm FR-EE / Fernando Romero EnterprisE and that can be seen here, seeks to fully integrate the new museum in the particular context of this city. Taking into account that Miami is characterized by its tourist activity but, at the same time, it has always been a destination for migrants from different parts of Latin America, the multicultural dialogue in the city is undeniable. The LAAM project seeks to perpetuate it by establishing itself as a bastion to expose and rethink modern and contemporary Latin American art.


With the construction of this museum opens an opportunity to revalue the art and architecture of Latin America on the east coast of the United States. It is not a minor fact, because if a review is made by the countries of the center and south of the American continent, only Argentina has a museum dedicated to the art of the region. In the United States, however, there is already the MOLAA Museum of Latin American Art, but in Long Beach, California, that is, on the opposite coast where LAAM will be found.


Where does the curiosity to present Latin American art arise in the United States and why is it non-existent in Latin America itself? Except for the exceptional case of the Museum of Fine Arts of Caracas, there are not even large collections of Latin American art that are recognized as such in countries that would be thought to be the first interested in promoting their productions. Perhaps the problem behind this is the different national pride and zeal for the respective artists, how can we say that Diego Rivera is Latin American if he carpeted the walls of our government buildings with pictorial accounts of Mexican national history? On the other hand, it is also difficult to specify the category, Latin American art can be defined historically, but above all it is a regional product, so its relationship with history is complicated. How to characterize the beginnings and development of Latin American art, if the processes of conquest and acculturation of Central and South America vary from one place to another?


It is true that, in addition to the MALBA in Buenos Aires there is a permanent effort in the biennial of Havana, which for thirty years this 2014 seeks to be a meeting point between Latin American and third world artists, and recently has been concerned about also integrate art from Africa and Asia. It is interesting that the LAAM project is established in that other Cuban meeting point that is Miami, and it will undoubtedly be fruitful to see the dialogue that is established between both spaces of artistic thought. Therefore, despite the fact that the desire to consider Latin American art as a whole is circumscribed to a couple of places, the project undertaken by the city of Miami with the proposal presented by FR-EE, is something to turn to see. Projects like the LAAM prove that there is much to be done even from the very field of understanding and consideration we have of the art that Latin America produces and produced.


Día de la Concha Fest

El primer Día de la Concha tendrá lugar en Pilsen este domingo  de enero para celebrar la cultura mexicana a través de su icónico pan dulce y, al mismo tiempo, recaudar fondos para financiar programas locales en el vecindario. Este evento tambien puede beneficiar al turismo de las zonas mexicanas e incrementar el turismo, incluso el medico y dentistas como Bartell Dental


Derivado de su amor por las conchas y su importante representación de la identidad mexicano-estadounidense, Fernando Nieto creó y organizó el festival ‘Día de la Concha’.


“La concha me recuerda a mi familia y mi hogar”, dijo Nieto. “Representa nuestra herencia y nuestra cultura. Mi familia y amigos lo tienen mientras ‘chismeando’ o durante las reuniones familiares “, agregó.


El evento también servirá para mostrar la cultura de Pilsen, dijo Nieto, quien es parte de Inner City Culture, una organización sin ánimo de lucro responsable de organizar otros festivales en el vecindario, incluido Pilsen Taco Fest. Nieto también ayuda a organizar el My House Music Festival con la organización sin fines de lucro My House Music Festival. Todos sus eventos, incluido el ‘Día de La Concha’, son gratuitos y todas las donaciones recolectadas se otorgan a una organización comunitaria que lo necesita.


Todos los ingresos recaudados en el festival este domingo beneficiarán a Elevarte Community Studio, una organización de arte comunitaria en Pilsen. Panaderia Nuevo León también acordó donar el 50% de sus ventas al programa de arte.


Estamos viviendo en un momento en que se están recortando algunos servicios públicos. Hay muchos despidos y no hay suficiente dinero para importantes servicios comunitarios “, dijo. Cualquier persona que organice cualquier tipo de festival en cualquier barrio tiene la responsabilidad de hacer algún tipo de donación para apoyar uno de sus programas locales que están sufriendo.


Nacido y criado en Pilsen, Nieto dijo que organizar un evento en Thalia Hall, un lugar popular en el vecindario, con vendedores y artistas 100% locales es un logro de larga data.


“Siempre he querido asociarme con Thalia Hall y tener un evento verdaderamente cultural que celebra nuestra herencia allí”, dijo.


Books That You Can Not Miss This Holidays

There are those who are already lucky enough to be enjoying their well-deserved rest days, while others are still thinking about what to put in their luggage. What is certain is that both have dreamed this year with the coveted moments of peace and tranquility that summer gives us. Nothing bothers you this holiday, even  if you have rest in bed after getting a dental work with your dentist in Tijuana.

In order to enjoy those moments of relaxation, we recommend using the best adventure companion someone can have: a text with which to fill the hours of an endless journey, of a pointless scale, of an unexpected delay or, for what not, a leisurely afternoon on a lounger.

We present you 5 books, bestselling titles with which you can fill your suitcase with lyrics this summer and enjoy inspiring stories, unforgettable places, mysteries that will haunt you on your summer nights … wherever you are. You’re still on time! Do not forget to reserve a space for a great story to accompany (and improve) your trip to anywhere.

The most anticipated premiere: “Beyond the winter” by Isabel Allende

Isabel Allende returns with her latest and expected novel “Beyond Winter.” Starting from the famous quote of Albert Camus – “in the middle of winter I finally learned that there was an invincible summer in me” -, the author presents a plot that presents the human geography of some characters from the America of today and that they find “in the deepest winter of their lives.”

A Chilean, an illegal Guatemalan girl and a mature American survive a terrible snowstorm that falls in the middle of winter over New York and they end up learning that, beyond winter, there is always room for unexpected love and for the invincible summer that the Life offers when you least expect it.

Isabel Allende in its ultimate essence gives us (and does not disappoint) a current and personal history that addresses the reality of emigration and the identity of today’s America. All this in an entertaining, vital narrative and in which a bit of the happy and optimistic style of this great author is not lacking.

Mystery and crime novel by Dolores Redondo: “Trilogía del Baztán”

On the banks of the Baztán River, the appearance of the body of a teenager forces the homicide inspector Amaia Salazar to return to the valley where she was born and from which she has fled for the rest of her life. This will be only the beginning of an exciting story in which legendary beings of the North coexist with frightening crimes. A story formed by three large deliveries that give shape to the editorial bombshell “Trilogy of Baztán”: “The invisible guardian”, “Legacy in the bones” and “Offering to the storm”.

Una Dolores Redondo (Premio Planeta 2016) that deserves a privileged hole in your travel bag and that, once you know, you will not miss: magical traditions and a latent feeling of esoteric discomfort with enormous doses of mystery sprout throughout proposal.