Books That You Can Not Miss This Holidays

There are those who are already lucky enough to be enjoying their well-deserved rest days, while others are still thinking about what to put in their luggage. What is certain is that both have dreamed this year with the coveted moments of peace and tranquility that summer gives us. Nothing bothers you this holiday, even  if you have rest in bed after getting a dental work with your dentist in Tijuana.

In order to enjoy those moments of relaxation, we recommend using the best adventure companion someone can have: a text with which to fill the hours of an endless journey, of a pointless scale, of an unexpected delay or, for what not, a leisurely afternoon on a lounger.

We present you 5 books, bestselling titles with which you can fill your suitcase with lyrics this summer and enjoy inspiring stories, unforgettable places, mysteries that will haunt you on your summer nights … wherever you are. You’re still on time! Do not forget to reserve a space for a great story to accompany (and improve) your trip to anywhere.

The most anticipated premiere: “Beyond the winter” by Isabel Allende

Isabel Allende returns with her latest and expected novel “Beyond Winter.” Starting from the famous quote of Albert Camus – “in the middle of winter I finally learned that there was an invincible summer in me” -, the author presents a plot that presents the human geography of some characters from the America of today and that they find “in the deepest winter of their lives.”

A Chilean, an illegal Guatemalan girl and a mature American survive a terrible snowstorm that falls in the middle of winter over New York and they end up learning that, beyond winter, there is always room for unexpected love and for the invincible summer that the Life offers when you least expect it.

Isabel Allende in its ultimate essence gives us (and does not disappoint) a current and personal history that addresses the reality of emigration and the identity of today’s America. All this in an entertaining, vital narrative and in which a bit of the happy and optimistic style of this great author is not lacking.

Mystery and crime novel by Dolores Redondo: “Trilogía del Baztán”

On the banks of the Baztán River, the appearance of the body of a teenager forces the homicide inspector Amaia Salazar to return to the valley where she was born and from which she has fled for the rest of her life. This will be only the beginning of an exciting story in which legendary beings of the North coexist with frightening crimes. A story formed by three large deliveries that give shape to the editorial bombshell “Trilogy of Baztán”: “The invisible guardian”, “Legacy in the bones” and “Offering to the storm”.

Una Dolores Redondo (Premio Planeta 2016) that deserves a privileged hole in your travel bag and that, once you know, you will not miss: magical traditions and a latent feeling of esoteric discomfort with enormous doses of mystery sprout throughout proposal.