Cecut brings art to children of oncology at the General Hospital

The Tijuana Cultural Center (Cecut), Organism of the Ministry of Culture, will bring art to the pediatric oncology services of the General Hospital of Tijuana (HGT), through theater and mobile literature. The whole community believes that this is my good idea, even dentists in Tijuana.

The director of the Tijuana Cultural Center, said that children who are in oncology can enjoy culture and art through Bebeteca Móvil and a public reading session every Friday at 09:30 hours.

Both the patients of the General Hospital of Tijuana and the students of the Jurhenkure-lonspïpekua primary school will continue to experience an approach to literature and theater, respectively, through the Cecut program at other venues.

The children had a close relationship with art, inside or outside the classroom, they obtained significantly higher grades and had less risk of school failure than those who lacked that experience.

Painting, drawing, playing a musical instrument, modeling, singing … are basic activities for the biological, educational and emotional development of children. But they are also a spiritual need. Through them they learn to explore the environment that surrounds them, they become aware of themselves and of others. Your contribution can be grouped in the following areas:

He mentioned that on Tuesday, January 30, at 1:30 p.m., the infants patients of the General Hospital, through the Storytelling activity that they will perform especially for them, will travel through this literary genre.

On the other hand, Jurhenkure-lonspïpekua elementary students will continue their participation every Tuesday in the theater workshop with games and creativity

These events will be carried out with the aim of publicizing and promoting in children the basic principles of theatrical art through the composition of a dramatic text.

We made a list of all the positive things that artistic activities transmit to children

· Personal development: artistic activities provide opportunities to express one’s own creativity, to discover oneself; they boost self-esteem and the concept of oneself. Each work of art generates in the child who creates it the feeling of having achieved an achievement.
· Social development: it is strengthened as the child learns to cooperate in an artistic work done in a group. Children are aware of their personal contribution to collective work and also acquire the feeling of belonging to a group.
· Physical development: the smallest muscles, hand-eye coordination, laterality and sense of rhythm are developed thanks to the various forms of artistic expression.
· Language development: art is a form of expression that is not based on verbal ability, however, the language and vocabulary of children experience an enormous development as children talk about their work. In addition, the drawing contributes to the development of writing in the little ones.
· Cognitive development: the benefits of art are especially noticeable in areas such as symbolic representation, spatial relationships, numbers and quantities, series, classifications, etc.