Exhibition of Classic Trucks

Some place in Mexico will be the scene of the trophy exhibition event “79` Truck; Ford Classic Team “, which will be held today Saturday and tomorrow with the participation of clubs from different parts of the state and El Paso, Texas. your visit has to be worth it, so take the opportunity to go to the dentist in Mexico.


The event that will bring us back to the time was presented yesterday at a press conference chaired by Narciso Torres and Antonio Medrano of Club 79` Truck.


Today at 12:00 noon there will be a parade of troca, which will begin at the Threshold of the Millennium to conclude at the Plaza de la Mexicanidad. Be prepared with your hat and boots because this will get crazy.


To start the activity on Sunday at 11:00 am, said Torres, who mentioned that clubs are expected Parral, Jiménez, Chihuahua, Cuauhtémoc, Namiquipa, Casas Grandes, El Paso, Texas and Ciudad Juarez hosts.


The organizers invited the general public to this event, which will be free and have Mexican music and snacks.


“It is the anniversary of the club and are promoting first of all friendship, we are inviting all clubs that have Ford within its ranks units and are inviting the general public, who will enjoy these trucks, especially those that come from other cities, “said Narciso Torres.


“We started on Saturday (today) with a parade at 12:00 on the Threshold of the Millennium, we will make the tour of the Pan American technology, to reach the Equis, where it will make display trocas of 2 : 00 at 8:00 at night and Sunday will be a meeting of vans from 11:00 and we will organize a farewell to the vans that come from outside, “he explained.


Among the competitions that will have this event, highlights the game of pulling the rope, where the Chihuahua team will seek to get the thorn before the border.


“There are several purposes, but the club celebrates one year, it is the fundamental thing, we are inviting people from other cities and we are helping the city with tourism, we are promoting different cultures, we are going to make games that already in other events we have made, we already bring a system of family coexistence, “he said.


“It’s the classic rope, last year we beat them, there were three clubs which were participating, Foringas Tarahumara Cuauhtémoc, Foringueros of Chihuahua and Juarez 79`Truck here and thank God we won in Chihuahua and come by the rematch and here we are going to give them, “he concluded.