The Symbolic Place of Tijuana

One of the places where you should visit when you arrive in Tijuana, whether on vacation or if you simply come for a visit with your Oral Nova Dent dentist, is the Tijuana Cultural Center, it is an emblematic place in the city because in its Museum you can discover the history of Baja California in a way that makes you feel like you are there. In addition it is always full of life with different events that take place in the esplanade, the events that tend to take place encourage culture.

In these events you can taste the food and drinks of different regions of Mexico in one place, with cheerful music and a totally family atmosphere, in one of the safest areas of Tijuana so you do not have to worry at all, since They have their own parking lot which is cheap and very safe.

Cecut strengthens national identity on the Mexican border through exhibitions, conferences, dance activities, theater, popular and classical music concerts, as well as literature. Also, artistic production and human development with adequate cultural infrastructure and national and international events, which are cultural proposals for a city with a high population growth. The culture diffusion stay is in charge of the El Cubo galleries, a cinema, a museum, an aquarium, a theater, as well as the IMAX Dome, which has become a symbol and emblem of the city. Another objective is to promote tourism from the United States, through a wide cultural offer in the northern region of the country.

The Tijuana Cultural Center manages to attract the attention of all sectors of the population, and has reached an annual average of visitors exceeding one million 700 thousand, of which 400 thousand have been students of all types, from preschool to university. In the Mexico through culture cycle, the presentation of Enrique Florescano with the lecture “How to make a God in Mesoamerica”, the Ballet of Amalia Hernández and the works La Cage de las Locas and a Picasso stand out.