Tijuana Paints Color With The Largest Mural In Latin America

It is not uncommon to hear that Mexicans have a great talent for art, since ancient times we can see art in their paintings, costumes, makeup, jewelry and crafts.
And now the largest mural in Latin America is in Infonavit Lomas Verdes colony of Tijuana in Baja California, Mexico, the municipal government reported after it was unveiled.

There are 77 thousand 520 square meters in that working class housing located east of the city and is called North-South Encounter.

The macro mural is composed of two murals that cover several facades of the buildings where the images of a quetzal were captured, and a coyote, representative animals from the south and north of the country.

It is also composed of 15 murals the size of one of the facades and 15 more murals made by children in the community. You can take the opportunity to marvel at this work of art in your visit to the city when you come for a treatment with a dentist in Mexico or for if you came just to look around.

The mural is composed of two parts that cover various facades of houses.

They captured images of a quetzal, and a coyote, animals representative of the south and north of the state.
In addition to the residents of Infonavit Lomas Verdes, 15 artists participated in the Association for Research and Support for Social Development of Vulnerable Groups of Tijuana A.C.

Javier López, one of the creators and coordinators of this project, said that three years ago they were looking for this project.

This is not the first similar effort in this border city, because for several months the fence that divides Tijuana and San Diego has become a canvas.

There the plastic artist Enrique Chiu, helped by civil associations, some authorities and other volunteers, is painting the mural of the brotherhood.

The objective of the participants is to turn that metal fence into Guinness record as the largest mural in the world outside.