A judge stopped the sale of Barbie Frida Kahlo in Mexico


The doll would be released on Friday. He already caused controversy considering that his stylized design did not correspond to the features of the famous Mexican painter. Take the opportunity to see one of his great works when you go to see your dentist in Mexico

A judge from Mexico City temporarily halted the sale of Barbie inspired by Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, considering that the companies that would launch it for sale, “Frida Kahlo Corporation” and Mattel, do not have the rights to use the image of the Mexican painter for the creation of a doll.

The judge decreed that the two companies must “refrain from using the trademark, image and work of the illustrious painter Frida Kahlo as a presentation in their businesses and commercial establishments”, without the authorization of the family.

The official account of Frida Kahlo, administered by the artist’s family, informed the sentence on Twitter.

We are about to safeguard the rights that the family has and that these people have kidnapped, “said the painter’s niece in an interview with the newspaper El Universal.

Last March, Mattel announced the launch of the doll as part of the line ‘Sheroes’, composed of 18 characters from 10 nationalities that have influenced today’s society.


The company said it had worked with “Frida Kahlo Corporation”, alleged “owner of all rights related to the name and identity of the painter for the creation of this doll.”

However, Mara de Anda Pinedo, great-granddaughter niece of the painter, clarified that Kahlo Corporation only had the right of the trademark of some categories, by or that filed the legal appeal.

Given the family’s arguments, the company clarified that Kahlo’s industrial and personal property rights were transferred to her by Isolda Pinedo Kahlo, the painter’s niece, which makes her the owner of all the rights related to the painter, what includes the name, concept, ideology and distinctive signs of the artist.


He insisted that the licensing, authorization, development, commercialization and protection of the products or services related to Kahlo belong to the company.

Hábitos de Coleccionistas de Arte Milenarios

Como la mayor generación de la fuerza de trabajo de EE. UU., Según el Wall Street Journal, y una generación de consumidores que están en camino de gastar $ 1.4 trillones anuales para 2020 y heredar $ 30 mil millones en los próximos años, según el New York Times, es no es de extrañar que las empresas estén atendiendo a los compradores del milenio.

Acuñado por los autores William Strauss y Neil Howe, el término se aplica a los nacidos entre 1980 y 2000 y que crecieron con computadoras y teléfonos inteligentes prácticamente en sus cunas.


Pero, ¿cómo consumen los mileniales en el mundo del arte? Aquí, echamos un vistazo a su estilo de vida y hábitos.

Los coleccionistas milenarios usan las redes sociales para estar en contacto con artistas y galerías.

Es difícil medir completamente cómo las redes sociales afectan las transacciones de ventas, pero es fácil darse cuenta de que las redes sociales se están utilizando para iniciar conversaciones. Schlencker dice: “Los del Milenio quieren una conexión directa. Muy a menudo, agregarán al artista y galerista en Facebook e Instagram “. Los mismos medios de comunicación que utilizan muchas páginas para darle publicidad a sus obras son muy importantes para darse a conocer cuando utilizas los medios digitales hay mucha competitividad por eso mejor utilizar posicionamiento web en Tijuana.


De manera similar, Michael Xufu Huang, coleccionista y cofundador del museo de Beijing M Woods, dijo a artnet News que usa Instagram para “promocionar su museo y mantenerse en contacto con artistas y galeristas”, pero nunca para comprar directamente desde la aplicación.

Los coleccionistas del milenio generalmente tienen menos acceso al capital que los coleccionistas más viejos.

Esta observación no es una sorpresa. Hay casos en que los coleccionistas continúan un linaje familiar de coleccionismo de arte (con dinero de la familia), pero seamos realistas. A pesar del revuelo sobre los multimillonarios de veintitantos años, no todos los jóvenes empresarios, banqueros y gurús de la tecnología se están enriqueciendo tan rápidamente. Pase a hacer una oferta en la venta de la tarde de Christie, hola al primer abierto de Christie.

La red de recolectores milenarios y la prisa.

“Networking” puede ser visto como una mala palabra, pero cualquiera le dirá, es una necesidad para cualquier carrera. Kenneth Schlenker, de la plataforma de arte en línea ArtList, dijo a artnet News por teléfono: “Los coleccionistas de mayor edad leen Artforum, tendrán asesores o colaborarán estrechamente con una o dos galerías. El joven coleccionista se está conectando con más personas y está siendo proactivo para tener acceso a las cosas por sí mismo, antes, antes de que se muestre en una galería. Tal vez en el estudio directamente. “Continúa,” Son más agresivos en esa área “.

Coleccionistas milenarios igualmente compran fuera de línea y en línea.

Con la proliferación de sitios de arte en línea, es fácil suponer que una generación más joven que creció con Internet estaría haciendo una transición total de fuera de línea a Internet, pero Tara Downs, directora de Tomorrow Gallery, dijo a artnet News: “Diría que el 50% de mi las ventas ocurren por alguien que ingresa a la galería. “Mientras intercambia imágenes por correo electrónico, dice,” muchos coleccionistas desean ver el trabajo en persona “.


La curadora y coleccionista independiente, Roya Sachs, dice: “Me encanta coleccionar en ferias de arte; hay una energía y un ritmo que es a la vez emocionante y emocionante, supongo que en ese sentido soy mucho más un coleccionista cara a cara tradicional “. Ella continúa,” ocasionalmente compraré en línea, en galerías, y a través de una subasta si Estoy buscando algo más específico “.




The Best Museums Of Natural Sciences

If you are one of the people who like to travel and visit museums around the world, you should take note of the following list prepared by experts that aims to compile the 10 best museums on environmental and nature issues. This type of museums increases tourism in the cities in which they are positioned. For example, when it was inaugurated in the wax museum in Tijuana, it attracted many tourists who took advantage of their visit to make an appointment with their Tijuana dentists and even do a bariatric surgery.

Would you spend hours visiting museums? If you are a tourist who always wants to know more about what surrounds you, it will be good to include in your tours the following museums around the world that address very interesting natural themes



It is located in London (United Kingdom) and it stands out for its variety of activities, for attending well to visitors and its permanent exhibition, according to the museologist, Soledad Gómez.



Located in New York, is one of the most famous and largest in the world. Javier Amentia, director of the Pamplona planetarium, said the site has “whales flying in the hall, exciting exhibitions, interactive, planetary, imax and a part of palaeontology great.”


The experts stand out from this museum located in Chicago (USA) its didactic character and variety. They claim that it covers archeology topics and explains very well the evolution of dinosaurs.



It is characterized as a center that invests in education and research and is located in Washington (USA).



It was the place where the author of the theory of evolution, Charles Darwin, lived, so that several vestiges of his experiments persist there. It is located in Downe (United Kingdom).



This Argentine museum located in El Calafate is known to be specialized in glaciers.


In a creative way, this museum located in Otawa (Canada) deals with topics related to botany, zoology, minerals and paleobiology. In addition, it has a space dedicated to research.



It is very small. It is located in Belgrade (Serbia) and is composed of two rooms that the visitor can see in its entirety simply by taking a 360 degree turn on himself.



This museum is in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and is known for his collection of fossils of Egyptian mammals and mummies.



Armentia argues that the museum center located in Paris (France) has many species in extinction and aims to be a place of critical disclosure.

A Museum of Latin American Art in Miami

3 years ago, within the framework of the art fair Art Basel-Miami Beach 2014, the design of the Latin American Art Museum (LAAM) was announced, which will soon be established in this city of beaches and buildings. Giving the importance that it deserves to Latin art makes that people want to get involved more with the countries where these works originate. Taking advantage of your visit to Mexico you can do a review of your teeth with a dentist in Tijuana


The design proposed by the architectural firm FR-EE / Fernando Romero EnterprisE and that can be seen here, seeks to fully integrate the new museum in the particular context of this city. Taking into account that Miami is characterized by its tourist activity but, at the same time, it has always been a destination for migrants from different parts of Latin America, the multicultural dialogue in the city is undeniable. The LAAM project seeks to perpetuate it by establishing itself as a bastion to expose and rethink modern and contemporary Latin American art.


With the construction of this museum opens an opportunity to revalue the art and architecture of Latin America on the east coast of the United States. It is not a minor fact, because if a review is made by the countries of the center and south of the American continent, only Argentina has a museum dedicated to the art of the region. In the United States, however, there is already the MOLAA Museum of Latin American Art, but in Long Beach, California, that is, on the opposite coast where LAAM will be found.


Where does the curiosity to present Latin American art arise in the United States and why is it non-existent in Latin America itself? Except for the exceptional case of the Museum of Fine Arts of Caracas, there are not even large collections of Latin American art that are recognized as such in countries that would be thought to be the first interested in promoting their productions. Perhaps the problem behind this is the different national pride and zeal for the respective artists, how can we say that Diego Rivera is Latin American if he carpeted the walls of our government buildings with pictorial accounts of Mexican national history? On the other hand, it is also difficult to specify the category, Latin American art can be defined historically, but above all it is a regional product, so its relationship with history is complicated. How to characterize the beginnings and development of Latin American art, if the processes of conquest and acculturation of Central and South America vary from one place to another?


It is true that, in addition to the MALBA in Buenos Aires there is a permanent effort in the biennial of Havana, which for thirty years this 2014 seeks to be a meeting point between Latin American and third world artists, and recently has been concerned about also integrate art from Africa and Asia. It is interesting that the LAAM project is established in that other Cuban meeting point that is Miami, and it will undoubtedly be fruitful to see the dialogue that is established between both spaces of artistic thought. Therefore, despite the fact that the desire to consider Latin American art as a whole is circumscribed to a couple of places, the project undertaken by the city of Miami with the proposal presented by FR-EE, is something to turn to see. Projects like the LAAM prove that there is much to be done even from the very field of understanding and consideration we have of the art that Latin America produces and produced.


Día de la Concha Fest

El primer Día de la Concha tendrá lugar en Pilsen este domingo  de enero para celebrar la cultura mexicana a través de su icónico pan dulce y, al mismo tiempo, recaudar fondos para financiar programas locales en el vecindario. Este evento tambien puede beneficiar al turismo de las zonas mexicanas e incrementar el turismo, incluso el medico y dentistas como Bartell Dental


Derivado de su amor por las conchas y su importante representación de la identidad mexicano-estadounidense, Fernando Nieto creó y organizó el festival ‘Día de la Concha’.


“La concha me recuerda a mi familia y mi hogar”, dijo Nieto. “Representa nuestra herencia y nuestra cultura. Mi familia y amigos lo tienen mientras ‘chismeando’ o durante las reuniones familiares “, agregó.


El evento también servirá para mostrar la cultura de Pilsen, dijo Nieto, quien es parte de Inner City Culture, una organización sin ánimo de lucro responsable de organizar otros festivales en el vecindario, incluido Pilsen Taco Fest. Nieto también ayuda a organizar el My House Music Festival con la organización sin fines de lucro My House Music Festival. Todos sus eventos, incluido el ‘Día de La Concha’, son gratuitos y todas las donaciones recolectadas se otorgan a una organización comunitaria que lo necesita.


Todos los ingresos recaudados en el festival este domingo beneficiarán a Elevarte Community Studio, una organización de arte comunitaria en Pilsen. Panaderia Nuevo León también acordó donar el 50% de sus ventas al programa de arte.


Estamos viviendo en un momento en que se están recortando algunos servicios públicos. Hay muchos despidos y no hay suficiente dinero para importantes servicios comunitarios “, dijo. Cualquier persona que organice cualquier tipo de festival en cualquier barrio tiene la responsabilidad de hacer algún tipo de donación para apoyar uno de sus programas locales que están sufriendo.


Nacido y criado en Pilsen, Nieto dijo que organizar un evento en Thalia Hall, un lugar popular en el vecindario, con vendedores y artistas 100% locales es un logro de larga data.


“Siempre he querido asociarme con Thalia Hall y tener un evento verdaderamente cultural que celebra nuestra herencia allí”, dijo.


Books That You Can Not Miss This Holidays

There are those who are already lucky enough to be enjoying their well-deserved rest days, while others are still thinking about what to put in their luggage. What is certain is that both have dreamed this year with the coveted moments of peace and tranquility that summer gives us. Nothing bothers you this holiday, even  if you have rest in bed after getting a dental work with your dentist in Tijuana.

In order to enjoy those moments of relaxation, we recommend using the best adventure companion someone can have: a text with which to fill the hours of an endless journey, of a pointless scale, of an unexpected delay or, for what not, a leisurely afternoon on a lounger.

We present you 5 books, bestselling titles with which you can fill your suitcase with lyrics this summer and enjoy inspiring stories, unforgettable places, mysteries that will haunt you on your summer nights … wherever you are. You’re still on time! Do not forget to reserve a space for a great story to accompany (and improve) your trip to anywhere.

The most anticipated premiere: “Beyond the winter” by Isabel Allende

Isabel Allende returns with her latest and expected novel “Beyond Winter.” Starting from the famous quote of Albert Camus – “in the middle of winter I finally learned that there was an invincible summer in me” -, the author presents a plot that presents the human geography of some characters from the America of today and that they find “in the deepest winter of their lives.”

A Chilean, an illegal Guatemalan girl and a mature American survive a terrible snowstorm that falls in the middle of winter over New York and they end up learning that, beyond winter, there is always room for unexpected love and for the invincible summer that the Life offers when you least expect it.

Isabel Allende in its ultimate essence gives us (and does not disappoint) a current and personal history that addresses the reality of emigration and the identity of today’s America. All this in an entertaining, vital narrative and in which a bit of the happy and optimistic style of this great author is not lacking.

Mystery and crime novel by Dolores Redondo: “Trilogía del Baztán”

On the banks of the Baztán River, the appearance of the body of a teenager forces the homicide inspector Amaia Salazar to return to the valley where she was born and from which she has fled for the rest of her life. This will be only the beginning of an exciting story in which legendary beings of the North coexist with frightening crimes. A story formed by three large deliveries that give shape to the editorial bombshell “Trilogy of Baztán”: “The invisible guardian”, “Legacy in the bones” and “Offering to the storm”.

Una Dolores Redondo (Premio Planeta 2016) that deserves a privileged hole in your travel bag and that, once you know, you will not miss: magical traditions and a latent feeling of esoteric discomfort with enormous doses of mystery sprout throughout proposal.


Journal Notes


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Cosmetic dentistry porcelain veneers give you a clear-cut and minimally invasive technique to turn your smile look glowing, more natural, and healthy looking. People who are self conscious about the appearance in their teeth – or are embarrassed by them – can benefit from veneers to give them a smile makeover that is powerful and quick. Porcelain veneers can transform your smile with no need for any surgical procedures. That means you really get to truly save on expensive and time consuming procedures while removing any related risks or pain. Your veneers can mimic see-through quality and the shine that you just find in real teeth enamel.

Nuestro sol es un reactor nuclear de origen natural. Libera pequeños paquetes de energía llamados fotones, que viajan los 93 millones de millas del sol a la Tierra en aproximadamente ocho minutos y medio. Cada hora, suficientes fotones impactan nuestro planeta para satisfacer teóricamente las necesidades energéticas globales durante un año entero. Sin embargo, la energía generada por energía solar representa en la actualidad apenas cuatro décimas del 1% de la energía total consumida en los Estados Unidos. La tecnología solar está mejorando y los costos están cayendo rápidamente, sin embargo, por lo que nuestra capacidad para aprovechar la abundancia de energía del sol está en aumento. De hecho, un informe de la Agencia Internacional de la Energía indica que la energía solar podría convertirse en la mayor fuente global de electricidad en 2050. En los próximos años, todos estaremos disfrutando de los beneficios de la electricidad generada por energía solar en tijuana de una manera u otra.

The aim of the holistic dentistry tijuana is to find and use biocompatible materials, and there are benefits to this form of dentistry to all, but especially to those that are sensitive to certain chemicals and elements. One of the main areas where a holistic dentist may differ from other dentists is in the use of amalgam-free fillings. However, homo toxicology may also be used while treatments like Propolis may be used to help treat patients.

Si usted necesitaba a un plomero o un electricista usted comenzaría probablemente su búsqueda en línea en lugar de bscar en las páginas amarillas como se hacía antes. Es mucho más fácil simplemente escribir ‘plomero’ en un motor de búsqueda. Con cada vez más la gente que da vuelta al Internet en busca de incluso servicios locales, resto aseguró que sus competidores principales tendrán un Web site o considerarán uno. Eso es un beneficio muy real de un sitio web con una empresa de diseño web y marketing digital en tijuana mexico.

Surgical Advances. Using the newest advances in dental implant know-how, Mexico dentists are in a position to place single stage implants. These tijuana dental implants don’t require a second process to uncover them, but do require a minimum of six weeks of therapeutic time before artificial tooth are placed. There are even situations the place the implants can be positioned at the same time as a tooth extraction – further minimizing the variety of surgical procedures.

A dental bridge in tijuana mexico is used when a lacking tooth should be changed, since lacking a tooth may cause a wide range of issues and have an effect on the looks of your smile. Missing teeth can lead to a change in bite, shifting of the tooth, temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), speech impediments, an elevated risk of periodontal illness, and an elevated threat of tooth decay. A dental bridge is a permanent partial denture, very similar to a dental implant, that is used to exchange missing teeth. There are a wide range of fixed dental bridges, together with: Conventional fastened dental bridges, Cantilever bridges, Resin-bonded bridges. Conventional and cantilever bridges require shaping of the teeth that encompass the lacking tooth. A dental crown is then positioned on formed teeth and a synthetic tooth is connected to them for support. This is called a pontic.

Crown falls off. Occasionally crowns fall off. Typically this is a result of an improper fit or a lack of cement. Get in touch with your dentist’s office immediately, if this occurs. She or he will give you specific instructions on how best to care for your tooth and crown until your dentist in mexico can sees you. Your dentist might have the ability to re-cement your crown in place; if not, a new crown will have to be made.Mexico dental network

It’s ephemeral, meaning it continues for 20 minutes along with it can be efficiently dealt with by a regular, healthy body. This can also occur when a tooth is pulled on by you in addition to cut on your own skin. This passing, i.e. temporary, disease isn’t the matter to worry about because it occurs in average life all the time and the immune system is prepared to contend with it. It’s the long term disease of the blood from a dental root canal in tijuana that’s leaky canal that wasn’t accurately sealed that is the dilemma.http://smilebuilders.net/